Wisconsin VOAD currently has the following committees

These committees are not tied to a particular disaster, but instead focus on their subject matter throughout the year to create guidance documents, best practices, and other resources for the VOAD membership and the general public. You can find some of those resources here.

The WIVOAD Board of Directors appoints members to the standing committees on an annual basis.

Standing Committees

The finance Committee serves the following functions: to prepare the annual budget, to provide a plan for raining the finds required by the proposed budget, to prepare the budget and submit it to the Board of Directors for review and adoption, to provide for the regular audit of the Treasurer’s books, and to periodically review the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual and recommend any changes to the Board of Directors.

The Membership Committee serves the following functions: to maintain an accurate membership role and resources, to review and update membership agreements, to encourage new applications for membership, to encourage current participants to be active in the work of VOAD and long-term recovery.

The Long-Term Recovery Committee serves the following functions: to support participant agencies to be recipients of designated funds for long-term recovery, to support capacity building in participant agencies, to assist with coordination of resources and designated donations for long-term recovery from local communities, and to revise and update the Long-Term Recovery Manual as needed.

Ad-Hoc Committees

The WIVOAD Board of Directors may create Ad-Hoc Committees and appoint members as needed. Ad-Hoc Committees shall establish its own operating procedures provided the are in accordance with the bylaws and any directions of the Board of Directors.